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Re: For the first time in history, marriage equality wins popular vote on ballot!

These are my arguments for gay rights to marriage and adoption..

- It doesn't affect straight couples at all, and it makes gay people happy, so why stop someone else from being happy if it doesn't affect you?

- Even if it's not ideal (not saying it isn't) but what is ideal? One could argue a loving father and a loving mother, who both love eachother - and I can see their argument. But why does that stop gay people from raising children and being apart of their own family? Single people have children, divorced people have children, my grandmother raises her great grandchild as her daughter. In my opinion, a loving parent is the only thing ideal for a child.

- This is going to happen. It will. It's only right, and everyone knows that. So why fight it? It might hold things up for a while, but all it's going to do is make this generation look like another one that denied the basic equality, rights and love of one minority in the eyes of history. Just like we look back on racial segregation, slavery or ethnic cleansing, anyone who actively fights against these basic rights for people is doing nothing but creating division and looking plain stupid.

I feel that if you present a reasonable argument, people against gay marriage have very little to stand on except for the fact that they just don't like gay people. Personally, I believe a lot of this comes from to things.

1) the idea of anal sex disgusts them
2) the femininity of some gay men offends them?

I work in a group of straight Australian men, no females, and none of them know I'm gay. I know one guy who boasts about his experiences with anal sex (with women) but I still believe that the idea of what goes on in the bedroom between two men is a large part of why people fight gay rights. I don't think female sex is as worrying to them because straight men here find that hot. Personally I couldn't think of anything worse

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