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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ( Y )

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
It's actually very simple what I said. Delivered in a Brazilian or French accent the ramblings become deep and meaningful, if it was done in an English, Australian or American then it's full of shit.

The above doesn't need Heidegger, Kirkegaard, Jung, Klima or Žižek to work that out.

Just write a romance in russian and you beat them all.

What did he say about humans being an end and not just a means or whatever and what does that mean? What does he say about freedom? Do you want to write my essay for me?
If I say:

In MTF is prohibited to wish death on Kudryavtsev because it disrupts the peace of the forum, then you are just using humanity as a mean to achieve peace.

But if you say in MTF is prohibited to wish death on Dasnieres de Veigy because those feelings are wrong and show the poster doesnt have a human heart, than you are using humanity as an end.


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