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Re: How long will it take Nadal

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
I have never seen Nadal come back from a injury break void of confidence per say. I have seen him come back rusty, but there is no point in his career where he came back and wasn't winning matches. he is not the kind of guy who loses his edge entirely
Rofl, so what do you call the 2009 fiasco? Let me guess, Rafa was injured ALL the way coincidentally until the 2010 clay court season right? Confidence is the right word here, rusty is the general issue of not playing at your potential. So you want to call his choking matches against Davydenko, Ljubicic, and Roddick as rusty rather than not having the confidence to win break points or serve for the match? Boy you are something far too gone to fix.

Originally Posted by Just like heaven View Post
One big win is all it takes to gain back that confidence. As I said, starting to play from the beginning of the season, when almost all the players come back after two months without matches, should make things easier. He seems pretty confident in interviews and if he feels 100% phisically and is able to practice as much as he wants, then I don't think this confidence thing should be such a big issue. Losing matches after winning the first set or getting broken when serving for the match has become a habit in the past two years, so those 2010 loses don't seem that strange anymore.
Obviously that is the most ideal scenario for him is to come back at the beginning of the season. However, either way it is still most likely going to take him until the clay season for him to get back into some kind of form.. And the crappier his first 3 months back on the tour or if worst case the later he gets back on the tour, it puts even more pressure on him to be truly ready for the clay season. If he can't get success on clay, again, you can really say goodbye to his season.. He hasn't won a non-clay title since Tokyo 2010.. that is a huge stat to overcome and this point in his career. Will that be his last non-clay court title? Hell no, but still doesn't mean he has a load of work to do. Practice matches only go so far.

Not sure how you wouldn't consider such losses as strange. The reason is he lacks confidence to close out matches off clay.. You can't attribute that to "he just loses like that". I mean he certainly had no problem in closing such matches pre-FO 2009 and in the 2010 after the clay season started.

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