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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ( Y )

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Kant was Taurus, earth sign.

This means he never did anything out of his reach and was a very egoistical and materialistical person.

He almost never left Konigsberg because materialist like all taurus people, he felt he would be losing his identity and his identity as a true prussian.

He always walked at 15:30 so that the ladies could adjust their clock to the right time.

Also he only decided to dedicate himself to philosophy after he was 39 when he realized he was mature enough. Things that only true meisters do.

When he realized an english guy called David Hume and other people said that we could determine all rules by rationalism and by the experience, he decided it was needed to put things into perspective and said that without the human sensibility, things wouldnt exist by their own. Which means, in other words, that Kant was some kind of humanist, he was afraid that human people were considering that things in the universe were defining how the universe is rather than human experience. In this sense he inspired the romantism of the XIX century without forgetting true science.

Also Kant thought that society would be better if anyone could act in a way they wanted that all humans acted. So its just an extension of the christian law: do to the others what you want them to do for yourselves.

For example, when AJ says I am boring with my philosophy, he is not following Kant, because I could say that his love for Slovenja is boring aswell, and we would both not following Kants imperative.
Are you telling me, you seriously believe, that the position of some randomly chosen agglomerations of hydrogen and helium gas some 10 000 000 000 000 000's km away had character-forming powers when Kants body left his mothers womb?! If so, what would the explanation of the causal link between Kants nature and said agglomerations of gas look like?

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