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MTF 10 rules about choking

I think this will be a useful guide to newcomers.

1- If my favourite player loses, he's choking. No way can he lose playing his normal level.
2- If a player plays 2 consecutive bad points after having played well, he's choking.
3- If a player loses a match after having match points, he choked. The opponent's level of play on match points is irrelevant.
4- If a player loses more than one tie break in a match, he's a choker. Infact if he loses any tie break at all, he's probably a choker and a mug.
5- If a player is broken back he choked. However if he doesn't manage a single break point in the entire match and wins in tie breaks he's a mental giant.
6- If Troicki is playing, he's choking.
7- If a top player loses against a lower ranked player, he choked.
8- Getting aced on break points= choking.
9- Losing a match while having won a set instantly labels you as a choker.
10- Players don't outthink, outplay their opponents, they outchoke or outmug them.

Anyone wants to continue the list?

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