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Re: Rank the forehands of the top 10 from best to worst

I saw Del Potro playing live in Bercy and now on TV in the WTF and I don't understand why his forehand is so overrated comparing to ... his backhand !

Del Po is powerful and solid on both shots when he's not injured, he's better on his forehand but not that much, and I fully disagree that "it's his forehand that makes the damage".

I rated his backhand low in the backhands thread primarily because of his wrist problems in the summer which made him play bad backhands during that period ... and because there are such good competitors in the top-10 that it's actually tough to rate them, esp. in the middle section.

Besides, by seeing Del Po live, I can say he has a great talent in his shots imo because it's not easy at all to play such great baseline shots when one is that tall and hardly flexes knees.

I still think the ideal size for tennis is much smaller than that, between 1.85 m and 1.90 m.

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