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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ( Y )

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
I really believe that people are egoistic, egotistic and naturally evil It's the culture that makes them (us) coexist in relative order.
Originally Posted by finishingmove View Post
Well, the truth is the exact opposite.

But I'm not gonna discuss this now...
Good and bad predispositions are present in all humans (albeit in different form). Circumstances bring one or the other out.

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post

I'm planning a Route 66 trip in 2014. Cliche, I know.
any details yet (length, mode of transportation etc)?

That you are filthy rich.
I think that is arguable - I hardly put anything aside, I live in a small flat and drive a 15 year old car, but I travel a lot - but considering a global coverage is probably true, I am a filthy rich bastard.

"You cannot be a number one in the world and be a good loser"

- Magnus Carlsen
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