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Re: Harry Potter Thread

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
So Essays in Love wasn't written in his natural style? He mixes philosophical ruminations with narrative, which I guess was seen as inventive when the book came out. so far the characters' interactions don't feel organic; it feels like he's forcing the characters into the ideas that he wants to explore.

Well, I'm an old woman at 26, so I can't relate to children's books at all. In fact, I'm really poor with handling children because I can't relate to them and don't know how to talk to them at their level. But children's books are definitely necessary; if I ever have kids, I'd make them read a ton of books before I give them access to the computer/TV.

And yes, you are still a child.
Well I haven't read it. I'm just going by what I've heard from others and what I've come across. It sounds oddly fascinating, though. I like an author who experiments and tries to drag themes into a story that reflect their thoughts and feelings. As you point out, though, it can be a bit artificial if they're are solely the author's puppets.

There's one thing that's wrong with the second paragraph and that's labelling yourself 'old'. You're not so get real. I agree that reading is really important. I help younger children attempt to improve their skills, and it's really opened my eyes as to how few people truly appreciate it and it's wonders.

Thanks for your reassurance, I guess.
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