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Re: Federer takes on role as backroom power broker (ATP future and situation)

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
Yeah, right, that's exactly what he said

I mean dude, honestly, if you're gonna hate at least don't make up stuff that doesn't exist.
Originally Posted by munZe konZa View Post
Oh poor federer , everyone just hates him and who wouldn't with that snarky smug smile of his?
Why don't you quote it all ?

That's about as typical of federer in making grandiose assertions, speaking in authoritative way and talking out of both sides of his mouth. Even his soft stetements are very dubious.
Originally Posted by Singularity View Post
Why don't YOU quote it all?

"The real number one, we know who that is going to be, it's going to be Novak, so I think there should not be any debate around that," Federer told reporters. "Number one, you don't get there by chance. The rankings are something that show you how you've played over a 365-day period. It might change all over again at the Australian Open, there’s no doubt about that, but right now, it's clear."

Right now, Djokovic is the clear number one.

Nowhere did Federer say that he deserves number 1 no matter what. He'll be the deserving no.1 if he gets the results to back it up.
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