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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ( Y )

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
How did we raise him? Did we raise him to be a socialist- misandrist to please Arsen and Andreea? Did we pretend to steal his candy and videotape him scarring him indelibly for the rest of his life?

I don't think it's that desperate. It was still quite close and I think Obama got lucky with Sandy. Anyway, glad this is done for the next three years and after that I might not be in the US anymore.
i don't recall any dialogue just that we were very happy watching him sleep. so you're moving back to india, so he doesn't grow up a brat like goatsol? yeah i think all children need humble beginning.

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Lost power again- sitting in a coffee shop. It's snowing outside and my back hurts. So taking it all out on MTF as usual.

Did you get a badrep from JLH? I got one.
you've been trolling heaps lately and i nearly badrep you the other day as well.

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
I really believe that people are egoistic, egotistic and naturally evil It's the culture that makes them (us) coexist in relative order.
i agree that people are naturally evil. if someone argues with you by proving that human beings are good then punch them in the face. when they ask why did you do that... whisper that you're proving a point that people are naturally evil.

Originally Posted by finishingmove View Post
Well, the truth is the exact opposite.

But I'm not gonna discuss this now...
when will you be discussing it? perhaps when saulo is online?

Originally Posted by Just like heaven View Post
will you be participating in miss mtf this year? why do you like nadal so much instead of cutie frenchie such as gasquet or simon.

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
Surprise of the century
everyone for the rafa chat has moved in here except castafiore. it's only matter of time she be here talking how great belgium is and how hard g plus soft g make dutch flemish the most fascinating language on earth.
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