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Re: Federer takes on role as backroom power broker (ATP future and situation)

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
And he answered Rafa's claim of him not being involved enough but not by being vocal but by actually getting shit done, even if it is behind closed doors.
he answered nothing (and Rafa didn't say he was not involved enough, he knows he works a lot, he said he was too moderate and not enough demanding, too "Swiss" ), he did it his way, which is different from the way Nadal by instinct thought it should be done. I don't think Fed was worried with Nadal's words but probably he was more worried with other players' demands because they were numerous and made a big threat : boycotting a slam.

The difference between Nadal and Fed imo is not so much that one is Swiss, the other one is Spanish, but one is older and more experienced in those things. Which Forget described as "some are old hands, others are a bit loopy but we need both" (Ljubicic quite said the same actually : he's not systematically critical of Nadal as some think ).

In the end Nadal was more of the decider and the orientater, Fed more like the operational coordinator. Primarily because Nadal had the support of other top-players, notably Djokovic and Murray.

But also well, quite often it's like that : youngsters give the orientations because they have a better idea of the future, at least of how they want it to be, but to put these things in application, you need experienced guys who will be wiser in details and at compromising.

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