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Re: Federer takes on role as backroom power broker (ATP future and situation)

I don't think as the president of the players' council he's really a "power broker", I mean he's not an executive, and I don't think he has much power because he's isolated from other top-players on main topics, and you can't really have power when you're isolated hence it's these other players who gave the orientations (for instance we heard he was isolated about the 2-year ranking system -which fortunately received other oppositions- and about the suppression of the week between Paris-Bercy and the WTF ; besides, on the slam prize money concern, he was not the one who took the initiative either, he just worked for the implementation of the increases).

Hence his power on these topics is very much overrated imo. Being president of a council is completely different from being an executive president.

But of course putting his hands in the job and in the compromises, which is very time and brain-wasting, he has the possibility to orientate the final decisions and it is imo the main reason why he kept on doing that with the fact that it seems that he likes and feels entitled being implied in that.

For instance I heard that the calendar reform putting the WTF right after the US Open was delayed until 2015 and he can have played a role in that delay with all of the other reasons which make that institutions have a resistance against such big changes (for instance it was heard that claycourt players resisted the move of the southAmerican clay season to december even if the tournament organizers quite liked that move)

What I also said on that on another topic :

For months I've thought about what was going on underground, which was surely very demanding and worrying for Fed, who has been said by the ATP board as someone who really implies in this job, including reading every note, listening, etc ...

As a fan, I've wanted him to go away from that for months as Nadal wisely did for his one self.

Even though for tennis as a whole, I think it's better that Fed's kept on doing that.

MTFers only know one thing about those job and debates : the gossiping which goes in the media.

But that's only 1% of the job : there's so much more going behind, and for that, as Forget said (Forget who very harshly criticized Fed for asking more prize money from Roland-Garros because the French Tennis Federation had given him a job to fight against those demands), you need a lot of sensible diplomatic work and not loopy gossipings in the media.

Mostly what Fed has received for that is critics :
- critics from players like Nadal and Stakhovsky who don't like "compromises" and being too "Swiss", that is moderate ;
- critics from the French Open who fights against increasing prize money ;
- critics from fans who think that every change is decided by the only Federer, being the president of the council, which is absolutely untrue because most of the changes which emerge for the coming years come from Nadal's, Murray's, Djokovic's and others' desires, Federer being mostly isolated against them in those matters (as has been said on the 2 year-ranking system or the week between Paris and the WTF or about putting the WTF right after the US Open) as one guy, even a council's president (which doesn't mean an executive president like the president of the USA ), has little power against many ones.

Federer as the president of the players' council is not a decider, he's a representative and facilitator listening, thinking and looking for compromises and cooling down people who are too categoric in their demandings. And institutions need guys like that. Quite often, when Fed spoke in recent months on those topics, he didn't say what he wanted but he tried to represent what the players overall wanted, that's a very common misconception when people talk about institutions not to understand the difference between both.

I'm certain he has been tremendously helped in that and other things by other clever, politically experienced and sensible guys like Ljubicic (who said Fed was his best friend on Tour after Thomas Johansson left), Nieminen and many other ones.

And well, I think all of this is vastly ignored and underrated by most people on MTF who don't know anything about how institutions work.

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