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Re: ~*Litita's & Ted's Cosy Café : Season 5 *~

The Cosy Café Tour


(1) Requirement.

First, I need you guys to pick 6 different players - male or female, retired or active, it doesn't matter in this game - actually you'll like it better if you play with the players you like

I'm sorry for the Fer fans, only one will be able to have Fer within their players
And for the sake of my highness, I'll let Chris have Murray

Your players will win points, and consequently make YOU win points. Finish No.1 and win the COSY CAFE TOUR CUPCAKE. When a player of yours wins a tournament, you must find what pie or cake and any kind of pastry the trophy will look like and post it !

So far we have :

Bedene : Bulldog
Bemelmans : Bulldog
Berankis : Bulldog
Berasetegui : Scoobs
Chakvetadze : Ted
Clijsters : Ted
Corretja : Scoobs
Del Potro : Carlita
Edberg : Duncan
Evert : Scoobs
Federer : Duncan
Gaudio : Jenrios
Goffin : Bulldog
Gojowczyk : Bulldog
Gonzalez : Duncan
Graf : Scoobs
Henin : Jenrios
Kohlschreiber : Ted
Kournikova : Jenrios
Laver : Duncan
Lendl : Scoobs
Massu : Jenrios
McEnroe : Duncan
Mecir : Duncan
Moya : Carlita
Murray : Scoobs
Pennetta : Carlita
Pierce : Ted
Radwanska : Ted
Rafter : Carlita
Rios : Jenrios
Sabatini : Carlita
Safin : Jenrios
Stebe : Bulldog
Verdasco : Carlita
Youzhny : Ted

Additional Players (meant to complete draws, won't grant you points).
You can suggest additional players by sending me a PM



(2) How to play.

Enlist 2 of your players for minors tournaments (500 pts and under) and 5 of them for major tournaments (1000 and 2000 pts)

Upcoming tournaments : see my signature

When the draw is made, we take equal turns to decide winners (one at a time).
You have 24 hours to play when it's your turn, beyond that deadline, it'll be someone else's turn.
You cannot make the same player win twice thoughout the tournament, so choose wisely :

The final match's format is different.


(3) strategies

- There are other ways to get points : BE SNEAKY !!!
  • (1) To qualify for the millenium dagger masters, your player needs to be in the top 8.
  • (2) To qualify for the millenium match (a single match that is worth 500 pts) your player needs to capture either the Nordic Star or the Pacific Pearl.
  • (3) To capture the Nordic Star, your player needs finish No.1 at the Nordic Star's run.
  • (4) To capture the Pacific Pearl, your player needs to finish No.1 at the Pacific Pearl's run.
  • (5) Meditarrenean Series: winning the Meditarranean Series and capturing the Sun Bow and Arrows trophy results in 200 additional points
  • (6) Gira Latina : winning the Gira Latina increases Bellagio's Grand Slam points by 50%
  • (7) Lotus Flower Challenge : winning the Lotus Flower Challenge increases Osaka's Grand Slam points by 50%

Here is the calendar :

The ranking is based on
(1) the 5 mandatory events :
Grand Slams : Fort McMurray, Bellagio, Osaka
Masters Series : Oakland, Darwin
(2) + the other best 5 results.

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