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Re: Federer takes on role as backroom power broker (ATP future and situation)

One more example as to why Roger won the sportsmanship award.

He takes time before a tournament to attend meetings. He does a lot of work for the best interest of the lower ranked players and people call him greederer.

Look at nadal, he tries to impose 2 year rankings and has his own agenda. He wants the ATP to work for hgim almost and when things don't go his way he leaves the vice presidency of the players council. Disgusting behavior. Even though he is injured he could participate in this meetings and try to improve the game not only for his benefit but for the benefit of others but I guess he's too occupied going fishing, watching real madrid games and hanging out with his buddy/dog monaco.

This is yet another example of how much more than just the greatest tennis player ever Roger Federer is. He is trying his best to "leave the game in a better place when he's gone." That is highly commendable. Also his worries are not with himself and top players only but also with " players ranked well outside the top 50 to doubles specialists."

Roger Federer

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