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Re: New Era for Tennis will begin once a YOUNG BLOOD comes in and wins a slam.

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
Really though, the next 5-6 years we may have to get used to Murray-Djoko, both 25, both in pretty OK form. They are not going to be stopped by any of the top 10... period, except maybe a few upsets. Nadal is coming back after his fishing trip, with Pico and Roger, still has it but, will limit the number of tournaments to maybe few masters and GS's.

The only real way this era will end is with a 19-21 year old rolling in the next few years and winning a slam. Now given looking at the young talent; there isn't any prospects. Tomic :/, Harrison :/, everyone else... cept maybe Ranoic, don't have a chance. Even Ranoic is not going to be shaking things up, most being 4th round of GS. I'm talking we need a new Fed who wins slam at 20/21. Someone to set the precedent for those to come. Out with the old, in with the new.

What do you think it will require for this era to end?
Will it be the young talent to start a new era? Or will we see some of the worst tennis in history after Djokovic/ Murray?

If they're contesting major finals regularly in five years time I will gladly eat my dog's faeces.

Five years is a LONG time. There will be players coming through better than 30-year-old Murray and Djokovic.
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