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Re: New Era for Tennis will begin once a YOUNG BLOOD comes in and wins a slam.

Originally Posted by Jverweij View Post
did you miss Bercy in its entirety? So far Janowicz has produced by far the best result of all the youngsters.

I really wouldn't put my money on Raonic, even if he gets hot, he is beatable. His footwork and RoS are just not good enough.

But in essence, you are probably right. I fear none of these guys will dethrone the boring 4.
No I saw Bercy. The thing is who honestly can say they knew of him before Bercy and consistently watched his matches. Plus before this he has not made any death defying runs anywhere else.

Federer shook things up when he came on the tour. Beating hardened peak veterans and winning slams, same with Nadal. Nadal was 20-21, Fed 24 starting to become peak, yet Nadal challenges him at an early age. Even Murray and Djokovic were at least known and were winning masters and smaller events at 20. Also they were making Semi's Quaters of Slams pretty consistently.

What separates the current Top 4 from everyone else, is they were winning when they were young and knocking down the 25+ up veterans Same can't be said for the youngins of today.
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