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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by Bibberz View Post
My brother's cat--the one named Hilde--just passed away.

I saw Obama's acceptance speech this morning. I'm glad that it's Obama and not Romney but I didn't really think that this was a great acceptance speech.
And what I hate in such speeches, but I've seen quite a few newly elected presidents make that sort of speech so I guess it's a must, is the "we are the greatest country in the world"
He said it more than once: "this is what makes this country the greatest, why this is the best country to live in, why so many people come to our shores,..."

Yes, it's a great country but don't put your country ahead of other countries because that's utter and it's arrogant. If you know enough about the world outside the USA, you know that the best you can come up with honestly is "it's a great country to live in" and you'd cut the "greatest" crap. It's blind patriotism that sells well within the borders, I guess, but it's nevertheless.

Not linked to that, if I had to decide who would be winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it would go to Dr. Denis Mukwege. Awesome, awesome man who deserves to be protected and the problem he deals with needs to be recognised more and tackled because it's a bloody shame that the problem is met with an international shrug of the shoulders.
NY Times, An attack on one of my heroes: dr. Denis Mukwege
The article that's linked to inside this article is nearly impossible to read. I can not believe that this is happening and just about nothing gets done to stop this. Where's the outrage? I've been hearing about it for years and years and nothing gets done.

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