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Re: Del Potro vs. Ferrer

Originally Posted by rocketassist View Post
There's plenty of shite the opposite way though, I must have seen at least close to double figures in Delpo fans bemoaning the fact 'tennis died' at the US Open, when I translate that into the fact they don't get to gloat endlessly about the whole 1 > 0 thing anymore, which is good for both fanbases really.

Coming from a fan of a GS champ to another
Yeah, can't argue there, members of both fanbases are responsible for this ridiculous animosity. The sad thing is that is basically a miniature/BETA version of the ridiculous dick measurement contests between the Federer, Nadal and Djokovic fanbases

It won't stop, I'm afraid. I'm happy Juan has a Slam and is healthy and playing great tennis again after his surgery; you're happy Murray finally won a Slam among other big achievements (like Olympic gold). But for some, this is not enough, they have to rub it in. I know JMDP also has tards like this, but look at the Murray fan I was replying to, who has kept referring to the fanbases of Berdych, Tsonga, Delpo... as 'fanbases of second rate players' in the past few days. It's hard for animosity not to exist with posters like this on the boards Not to mention the OP, who clearly did so to rile up Delpo fans.
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