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Re: founding fathers or traitors?

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
France came in only after Saratoga and victory was inevitable. They did help a lot, but they weren't the decisive factor as so many people try to claim.
Lol bumping this thread after watching a doco about Lafayette.

The Marquee landed in Charleston in 1976, a whole year before Saratoga, bringing thousands of guns (the delivery would go on afterwards), professionalizing the militias and negotiating with the French-speaking Indians.

Charles H Rivkin said it, "we wouldn't exist without Lafayette."

Originally Posted by TigerTim
In the mist of history this is forgotten, move on 100 years and the loss of USA can be seen as a positive. Pesky Americans could have their slave ridden states whilst we tonked Napoleon, conquered Africa, sent our convicts to Aussie, Built Atlantis and brought the world Economy.
And he's proud of that ...
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