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Re: 2012 Tie-break Kings

Originally Posted by HKz View Post
You need reaffirmation or something that he is truly clutch? Obviously he keeps the ball in play when it matters most, but regardless, Federer and Djokovic still have higher career tiebreak stats with Federer at the top with .657, Djokovic in 4th with .629 and Nadal in 5th with .626, though I would love to see these stats split by surfaces.
Nadal - Federer TBs by surface is interesting:

Clay: Nadal 6-3 (H2H 12-2)
HC: Nadal 3-2 (H2H 5-6)
Grass: Federer 5-1 (H2H 2-1)

Total 10-10.

They have played surprisingly few TBs on HC.
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