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Originally Posted by cilomania View Post
maybe he will choke but we know how good he is at the beginning of season.this season looking from roland garros to the end for me biggest chokes(loses) was against murray (usopen) hewitt (olympics) copil (beijing).it only 3 loses not too much.loses from haas (hamburg) was kind of expected because marin was on the run he played 2 weeks in the row but 1 .set was very close lost 7-6.match against dodig was something different surely he let dodig to win that because of points and good result for dodig.they are best friends and that had big impact for marin.finnaly match against janowich, i dontt know what to say here,janowich was on the fire that tournament soo for me it not big choke but it is choke.others loses was from big guys federer djokovic delpotro all top 10.
Match vs Murray said it all. If he won that he would be top 10. It was the same (choking) vs Del Potro 3 years ago on the same place. Same as for last couple of tournaments. Whenever ha hed a chance to qualify for a final Mastes or to top 10 he choked big time. Off-course he didn't let Dodig to win, he just blew his set point on an quaite easy backend return in the top of the net (after that he punched himself with a racquet in the head, even you can realise he want to win). He made double fault at 6:6, vs Janowicz he lost a TB with 8:6, he probably choked some of those points.
What to say about his match vs Haas. He blew 5 (!!!!!!????) SP's before he lost 7:6 (he had 6:3 in the breaker!!!??). Off-course he wasn't tired, he just choked. And than he would be top 10 with that trophy.
I didn't watch matches vs Hewitt and Copil so I can't talk he choked or not. Surely he shouldn't loose vs Copil. Ok, Dodig can beat barely anybody, like Janowicz did it last tournament and off-course he can loose vs such players but you can't talk about Marin in top 10 when he waste a SP in such a fashion like he did vs Dodig or loose a breaker with 8:6 like he did vs Janowicz.
I suppose he will make 1/8 final at AO and maybe win a Chennai. The biggiest problem is he didn't grab 12th place in the ranking and he will have to play vs somebody from top 4 which means he will loose. But he didn't deserve better ranking. After all, in last 3 of 4 years he is 14th or 15th in the end of the year. That is his real position. He is the best from average players.
If he has normal self-confidence he would be regular top 10, if his self-confidence wise his talent he would be top 5. I am pissed off not because he doesn't have self-confidence but because he is pussy. I hate sportmen which are pussies.
If he is seeded beetween 9 and 12 he would probably play in quaters (except he should face Del Potro) and than maybe semis because he has big win in previous round.
It's unfair that kind of seeding (1-4 vs 13-16) and I think it wasn't like that in the past. Players situated in that part of rankings are captured there. 13 of 18 tournament they have to play vs top 4 in 1/8 and 17 000 points out of 18 750 points are on that tournaments. Why they need to beat top 4 player to broke into top 10? They should play vs their's competition, players situated beetween 5th and 1oth position. It should be 1-8 vs 9-16, 1-16 vs 17-32.

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