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Re: Will Nadal ever return to world number 1 again?

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Oh come on, we all know these two things are entirely different. Rafa won't be scraping in enough points at all those hardcourt masters to be #1. But he can certainly dominate the slams again. What if he stands with 3/4 slams in his hands, but Nole has a couple of tournaments like toronto and paris to his name? He'd be a computer #1 just like Federer was this year
Nole was #1 almost constantly this year in the Race. This was reflected in the YE standings. That is because Nole has made a lot of finals this year. If Nadal does the same next year, he may not immediately reach number 1, but will in fact be YE #1, allowing for 1 + 1 to be only 2. Also, it was a bit of a joke, don't take it seriously.

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