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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings [in Post #1]

Originally Posted by J99 View Post
Slasher, why do you say that everyone, except for Ferrer and Federer, has been knocked out of the WTF?

Paris was last week, not next week.
Please have patience with these things. It was obviously an error, which has now been remedied. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Why was it happening ? Simple... ATP was not actually taking Paris out from the Schedule they have. They just comment their code, but the tournament data was still there. My code takes anything that is on that page and, if it is not present in the current tournament list, adds it as a next week tournament. Paris was taken out since the tournament was finished, that is why it was being called for next week. I had to add new code to account for this change (specific only for this week). The players called as eliminated or retired was caused by this change as well, because the automated system was checking Paris all over again.

Originally Posted by J99 View Post
I don't really understand why when a player retires that they are still in the ranking if they want to be, they should be taken off the computer right away, it makes no sense to still be there, it's just taking up a spot for others, ATP has to change this.
Players retiring is not by ATP choice, but by player choice. The players basically announce they won't be playing any more tournaments, which does not concern the ATP. ATP doesn't have to do anything. Players can change their mind and continue playing despite announcing not playing anymore. They shouldn't be taken out of the rankings unless the player asks this or the player has violated parts of the conduct code. It's correct the way it is now. Retiring is not like signing a contract with ATP. In fact, the player doesn't even have to tell the ATP he is retiring (maybe except for commitment players).

Some random guy just watching tennis.

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