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Re: WWW Tommy Hass or Leyton Hewitt in GS Final?

Originally Posted by VolandriFan View Post
There's no way Haas could win a slam final under ordinary circumstances (take away the big 4 and the fact remains). He simply doesn't have the mentality to, which is why he never made a single final despite his huge natural ability, decent top scalps and versatile game.

He blew three of his four opportunities to advance to a slam final against Kafelnikov, Safin and Gonzalez (the other being Federer). His slam QFs were lost to Davydenko and Hewitt. These are not bad losses, but he certainly had the talent to win at least one of those semis. And in his entire career, he won 1 Masters 1000. There's a good reason for a number 2 player only having these credentials, and that's him not having the mental fortitude to close out equally or less physically able players when it matters most.

In this way, Hewitt spent the earlier part of his career as the polar opposite. But having said all of that, Hewitt's body probably couldn't hold up over 5 sets if he somehow made it into a final anyway.
Good work on overstating his lack and mental fortitude and completely glossing over the fact he seriously injured his shoulder (you know, the part critical to the most important stroke in tennis) at the peak of his career. He effectively lost 2 years shortly after getting to number 2 - that will derail anyone. By the time he made it back on tour Federer was already winning everything under the sun. When you spend almost half of your career injured and rehabilitating just being a decent player is a huge effort. When you take into account the time he it takes to get back into form after a significant hiatus then it really starts to minimise how many opportunities you have to actually do something worthwhile.

As for his slam semifinals something tells me you didn't really watch them. Against Kafelnikov it was his first SF against a player ranked way above him. Anyone who watched the Gonzalez match would agree that he was virtually unbeatable that day. His stats were something stupid like 43 winners and 3 errors. The only one you could say Haas blew was the match against Safin and even then a case could be made that he was very unlucky with the rain delay. You don't just come back and win 2 games in the last 2 sets because of poor mentality - something clearly happened in the break. Against Federer he didn't do much wrong. Federer was serving too well and Haas in general isn't good enough to beat him most of the time.

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