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Re: Better player? - Davydenko or Ferrer

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
Oh the irony. When I say this in other comparisons Ferrer apologists (you included) call me out on it.
That's for a few reasons. Firstly, Ferrer is often compared with Berdych and Tsonga, in this case, none of these guys have beaten a top 4 in a major final. You still contend that the 'big hitters' trouble the top guys more, which statistics and factual evidence DO NOT support. Secondly, you frequently claim that Ferrer cannot challenge these players AT ALL, which is absurd, false, and impossible to believe unless you purposefully insulate yourself from reality. Further, many discussions are about THIS YEAR, in which Tsonga and Del Potro beat the top four in grand slams precisely ZERO times. Ferrer and Berdych each got one victory (Murray RG and Federer USO). So, as of right now, the evidence doesn't support the notion that Ferrer is no threat to the top guys comparatively to the other regular members of the 5-8 ranking positions.

I don't know how the balance lies between you actually believing the nonsense you right and some kind of pleasure you get from playing devil's advocate in the same argument over and over again (which seems to me an extraordinarily dull way to spend ones time). Anyway, the fact is, for anybody seriously analysing tennis, your bias against Ferrer goes so far against evidence such as to make discussion with you entirely pointless. It's exactly the same as trying to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the top guys with their more extreme fans (or tards as they're often called). There is no irony here, you are a joke when discussing Ferrer, which is a shame, since I've seen you write some interesting analyses of other features of the tennis world. It's no surprise your campaign of hatred has provoked a response, much of which has come from those who aren't even fans of David Ferrer (such as myself), but simply find false claims distasteful.

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