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Re: Top Spin 4 Video game anyone?

No I do not have Virtua, but have played it and think its decent. Easier to pick up. Top Spin in my opinion is far superior, then Virtua. It allows the player to do a my career run through. Also has much versatility, when it comes to playing styles.
You can build your player off of
Baseline Hard Hitter- More power, better ground strokes.
Defensive Player- Good stamina and angle.
Serve and Volley- Better serves, good volley, fast speeds.
-- Of course you can do a combination of any of them. Coaches will also be given to you as you choose your skills. For instance if you put 20 points into Baseline, your coach will focus on power, improving ground strokes, giving you a monster serve etc.

Now given the games roster is lacking when it comes to players; mind you roster was made in 2010-2011ish, Tomic is playable :/, yes this is an option... It is missing DelPotro, Tsonga, Ferrer, and instead insists on keeping James Blake, Tomic, Warwrinka and Gilles Simon. Of course it has household names aka top 4. All is forgiven, you can create the player of your dreams or an up and coming star and play through all 250's 500's Masters, and GS, minus Wimbeldon, (copyright issues or something :/), Dublin Open.

Biggest downfall can be online play. People may not be on at all, might be from Brazil (bad connection), or make their character a Heavy Hitting cheater . This game gets me the most infuriated at of any sports game, due to the fact I understand what is going on, haha. Which is a good thing

I would highly suggest this game to anyone who is an avid tennis fan or who loves xbox/ps3
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