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Re: MTF 2012 Most Disliked Players of all time. Update Post #306

If everyone had bad reasons to hate a champ, why were Borg & Laver very loved & lauded?
even sampras got more respect than federina on grass courts. . LOL For Borg, Laver or sampras, it'd be a joke to roll around in front of his pigeon opponent like there was heroism in beating a clown.

There are no trolls for Borg & Laver, but Fed IS a long time fanboy troll for himself. No room for a fed fan to fit on his ego throne. Not even Agassi
& McEnroe have total unawareness of their own
Stupidous disease.

Most people are over age 25. They watch their fave players, so there's no fun in paying attention to federina's ego antics.
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