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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I play through the whole summer and a lot of fall/winter.

Serve: It really really really depends. Some days I can hit my first serve in 90% of the time, and some days I miss every single 1st serve. I copy my serve off of Tsonga although it's not even close
Forehand: Insanely weird technique. I use a semi-western and I shank soooo often it's ridiculous. I get a lot of spin from this wing though, sometimes too much. When I try to put a forehand away it usually just spins up and gives my opponent more time
Backhand: Mediocre. It goes through streaks as well. It's mostly a push shot for me. When I'm not feeling good on my forehand I'll move around my forehand and hit a backhand push down the middle a la Monaco.
Volleys: Really, really bad. I'm improving, but I probably have the worst volleys out of anyone I know. My backhand volley is decent at best, but I cannot hit a forehand volley to save my life...
Overhead: Solid, nothing spectacular. It gets the job done, but sometimes I hit it too weak and wind up hitting 5 overheads until I miss.
Mentality: I'm very calm most of the time. But every once in awhile when I'm losing a match that I should win i go absolutely apeshit
Fitness: My biggest strength. I can run faster than anyone I play, and my defensive style allows me to just chase down balls until my opponent misses. I piss people off a lot!

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