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Re: Endless Federer-Nadal debates

Originally Posted by Looner View Post
Indeed, he is. But since his level of around 2004-2007 was somewhere at around Mars-Jupiter levels clowns such as you will keep getting butthurt even if he doesn't play his best tennis.
as i have said many times before, it's easy to maintain consistency and dominate the field when you have no real rivals

no real rivals, combined with homogenized courts, and the powers that be catering to your every whim...

2006-2007 was when he had no competition (apart from nadal on clay, who in turn had no real competition), and when frauderer-loving mania was in full swing

if you want to talk about frauderer genuinely being quite good at tennis, and beating good players, then talk about 2004-2005

put him in an era with multiple slam contenders, and with genuinely different surfaces and playing style, then you'll see the real frauderer
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