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Re: Paris F: (4) Ferrer def (Q) Janowicz 6-4 6-3

Originally Posted by Mateya View Post

Happy for hard working Ferrer, a true professional unlike some other players.

Watched most of the match and was not too impressed by this Janowicz. A serve&dropshot-bot, with average groundstrokes.
Some people here are mentioning high quality tennis in the 1st set. If Janowicz dumping backhands into the net, forehands all over the place is high quality for you, then you have very low standards.
Alltogether he played about 30 dropshots and won about quarter of those points and made 42UE in two sets. The best he did today was hitting a few 230km/h serves in the beggining of the match (the fastest was 242km/h) and hit some nice forehands winners from time to time.

I know he was tired today, I'm just talking about today's performance which wasn't great like some people say.
Ferrer was his usual self.
Miss Mateya, you are correct that Janowicz didn't play so well today, but too bad you chose this day to make an "not impressed" analysis about his low quality game. I guess you missed getting a more overall impression in his other outstanding matches leading up to the final dumping 2 top 10's (inc. US Open winner Murray) and 2 other top 20 players. Here you watched Janowicz in the final on his 8th match in 9 days. Of course he was tired.

To call him a serve&dropshot bot is laughable coming from someone like you who plays the game. Watch his other matches from this past week. He moves very well for his size, better than any of the other tall players in my opinion, and has a solid backhand defending and a seriously powerful forehand. That's why his drop shot is so effective. When his power forehand his working and forcing the opponent backwards behind the baseline, the disguised drop shot becomes an excellent combination, resulting in a winner or forced error. His percentages before today were much, much better. Even when he is not making them, they still force the other player to run like a chicken and tire themselves to exhaustion, ala Tipsarevic.

One would be hard pressed to find many other players that were able to win a Masters from qualifying since they were instituted back in the 90's. I find this a fine achievement.

Why must people be so negative here?


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