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Re: Political Discussion Thread

little masha - firstly, I don't think my response to your post was in any way "ballistic" - but I don't agree that our objections to Marat's stated views indicate that we think he is either "dumb" OR a "rotten bastard" - you have come up with that interpretation - I think my points are pretty clear so I would prefer it if you didn't subsequently "put words into my mouth"

I think the days when 'the West' feared "invasion" by Russia are long, long gone - and frankly, Russia is hardly in a position to "invade' anyone (outside of its smaller Caucasian neighbors) - so your (I assume sarcastic)reinforcement of the old stereotypes hardly moves the debate forward...

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion regarding the Pussy Riot affair and what it means in the wider context of Russian politics and the rule (or lack of )Law - and you are as free to speculate on Marat's motivation in going into politics as the rest of us - and I have never denied Marat's good looks and celebrate them along with everyone else - but have I mis-interpreted you ? both your posts read in a slightly passive-aggressive way - you seem to be leveling some unspecified accusation at me for expressing my disappointment with what Marat seems to be evolving into by implying that there is some underlying inconsistency in my arguments - I don't have a problem with you because "the main reason I like Marat Safin is because I find him bloody attractive." - but I wouldn't assume that that is the limit of everyone's interest.

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