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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Oh, Inez, woman, no need to go ballistic over a simple discussion regarding Marat Safin, really!!!

It’s just my personal belief, definitely not intended as “bait” to anyone! Do remember that I personally share his opinion (ok, the Party’s opinion!) in the Pussy Riot issue, having stated it on this forum previously to his stating his own.
A) Maybe as English is not my mother tongue, I did not make myself clear. When I said that people refuted his political views on terms of dumbness, I did not mean that you, guys, are dumb, but that you take him for one because you seem to consider that his doings/sayings are silly and due to his lack of understanding the way things really are.

Moreover, if you don’t count him for a complete idiot, than he must be a rotten bastard, having adhered to the party politics in order to pursue his own obscure and lowly interest, which I also find a bit simplest.

In this regard, I’d like to add that I personally believe that he did not go into politics because he was an ardent patriot who thought that the cure to all pests of Russia is building more tennis facilities, but in order to serve his interests. But to me, that does not automatically make his a bastard and I do not think I have lax moral standards.

And let us remember that, prior to his political career, he openly associated with dubious, if not criminal, figures like Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov.

So he’s no tear drop clean ing้nue and we knew it even back in his poster boy days.

B) People in different positions see things differently, it’s axiomatic, really!

You, guys, seem like human rights/feminist enthusiasts, but were you a member of a ferociously criticized ruling party of a country towards which most of the world has bad feelings (because of course the Russian are ultimately going to invade us all, there’s no shore too far!) maybe you would see an event like the Pussy Riot case as a semi-anarchist agitation circus which serves just too well Western anti-Russian propaganda and that could equally became a problematic precedent in a multi-ethnic socially and politically troubled country like Russia.

And therefore see as justified a more severe punishment then just a fine or community work or whatever because the same case in another country would bear a whole different meaning to the society/world, but they’re in Russia, so it’s very much different and based on a reasoning like this it’s not unbelievable that he will see things differently.

C) & D) The place is crowded with fine humorists, what can I say…

I also don’t see why are you so mortified by my saying that his looks are the main reason people follow him and come in here and whatever!

Really, let’s be honest, let’s reread the comments in here, it’s mainly the fact that he’s a very, very good looking man that we cherish and support him so much! Not his defunct tennis, not his outlook on life, not even his humorous persona (Tursunov was always much more hilarious, right, Greeneyes? Or maybe I’m wrong ).

The looks, let’s just admit it and get over it, it’s not the end of the world!

And please don’t feel insulted where it’s not the case, I’ll say it first: the main reason I like Marat Safin is because I find him bloody attractive. Period! I also find him pretty smart and I like whatever seems to be his life philosophy based on his interviews, but honestly I firstly paid him attention because of his looks.

Finally, do I believe that Marat Safin would consider me his equal?

I’m sure (as much as you can be based on interviews, well) that he would. I can’t really start justifying this sentence, so take it like that: I’d bet my underwear that he would! I’ve seen just too many men like him not to be pretty sure about what I say.
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