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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Dammit...OK I will take the bait:
A)I am not aware that ANYONE has refuted his political views "on terms of (let's be honest!) dumbness " - they have been refuted on the basis of philosophy and viewpoint - social and political....

B)I was not disregarding "All his previous interviews, all his great, funny, intelligent character ultimately means nothing" merely mourning their demise and, "you are not even giving him a bit of credit for maybe knowing better what he actually speaks about because of his MP position" - are you saying that being surrounded by party cronies an parroting the party line is indicative of some kind of superior knowledge that we mere observers are too lowly to comprehend??? I am sure his regional week meetings with no doubt hand-picked locals who come and whinge on about building permits and lack of local facilities is absolutely RIVETING for him.....

C)The only reason Marat is not dead yet is because he eats soup with a fork

D) there is more than one way to interpret my avatar - one of which is that he has become a total wa*n*er...

And while I am at it, anyone who has read my opinions over the years I have been posting on this board, whether they agree with me or not, could not deny, I believe, that I have always supported Marat's right to make his own choices and live his own life. I still afford him, and everyone else, that same right, but it does NOT mean that I have to slavishly agree with him - I just think that it is rather a shame that he, apparently, does not afford the same freedom of speech to others that we all enjoy on this board - and to imply, as I understand you to do, that my views on the path he has chosen, and my following his career before and after tennis is based solely on the fact, as you so elegantly put it, that he is "good looking & shit" is clearly wrong and, frankly, bloody insulting.

Also - congratulations on living your own life - I am sure you have worked hard for your achievements - but do you really think Marat would consider you his EQUAL? if you do, I woud love to know what evidence, from his interviews, you would cite to support your belief - and if NOT then it rather makes a mockery of your argument that it's women ultimately to 'blame' for men disregarding them in the workplace and relegating them to second class citizens- wouldn't you say?

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