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Re: 2012 Photo Thread

Originally Posted by inez View Post
Well, one thing hasn't changed...Marat is simply one of THE most photogenic people you can imagine....he mesmerises with his charm...and those insanely beautiful blue-brown crazy-paving I miss his funny, ironic, self-depreciating humour (which still looks to be on show inthese fotos)which made his old tennis interviews so entertaining....these days I just wish he would just look gorgeous and not speak - just like a good 'supermodel' should.....and forget all this 'I want to be more than a cute guy in a suit" nonsense.... never ceases to amaze me to which extent people actually take him for nothing else but a handsome empty-headed!

All his previous interviews, all his great, funny, intelligent character ultimately means nothing, you are not even giving him a bit of credit for maybe knowing better what he actually speaks about because of his MP position.

First it was United Russia, then he whistled in the church (oh, how I LOVE this old Romanian saying, it's just so suggestive!) with his any Pussy Whatever talk about fanbase annihilation techniques!

As I have previously written somewhere else on this forum, I personally share his opinion in this Pussy Riot issue 100%, so to me that's nothing else but just another proof that he's a guy with a good deal of common sense.

My point here, of course, is not to reignite the Pussy Riot dispute, but to simply ask how come those of you who basically entirely refute his political options and speech on terms of (let's be honest!) dumbness still follow him?!

Of course he's good looking & shit, but come on: there are lots of other good looking guys, no need losing your time on a guy who lets Pussy Riot do time without at least burning himself alive in the Red Square, thus bringing the injustices of the Russian system to the attention of the world?!

He must be the best looking man in the history of mankind...being able to get away with it all!

As for the Women's issues in Eastern Europe, their dependency on men, their secondary role in the society...look: as a woman living in this part of the world, who went to university all by herself, who was raised by a single mother, who works in a highly macho personal opinion is that the women are those to be blamed for this situation.

The women who refuse to think for themselves, the women who find it comfortably to be taken care of/supported by a man, the women who do not conceive their life not revolving around a man, the women who are too lazy to actually work a real job, to pursue education, the women who deeply disrespect other women, whom they see as enemies. The stupid women. And the plain whores.

So I would not put this solely on the male driven society.

Boys will be boys FOREVER, but, in my opinion, the situation of Eastern Europe women is also due to their inability to back up each other. Women are unable to act as an organized group, while men are.

But I still believe that putting up a silly show in a church is not good publicity for feminism.

And - with all due respect - I do find it almost entertaining that some of you guys speak about feminism and the perils of mysoginy, yet mock his girlfriend's looks. Now that's female bonding! Is she supposed to be beautiful in order to be with him? Is it her fault if she isn't (she actually is, stop ranting!)?

Some of you are also shocked that she hasn't already poisoned his soup for his views on marriage, while you use photos of him as avatars!

Inez, honestly, how is one supposed to read your feminist speech when your avatar is plainly a very, very machist image of Marat, no less?

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