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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! 100% going forward! Hopefully.

Originally Posted by GilleSimonAddict View Post
I hope you guys are right, but I don't know man. Maybe it's just the pessimist and worry wart in me when it comes to Gilles, but did you guys see this Jerzy guy play this week? He is a beast. Huge serve and huge ground strokes, especially off of the forehand side. He was just bossing Tipsy around all over the place and eating up his serve like it was nothing and Tipsy serves way bigger than Gilles does. He looked untouchable.

And like lalaland said, Murray and Gilles play very similar games and Jerzy bossed Murray around too. He's young, powerful and has no fear because he's just starting and already knows he has nothing to lose here so he's just swinging for the fences and going all out which is a dangerous combination.

I want Gilles to win very badly, but I know just how much at risk he will be against this guy tomorrow. On paper it would seem and look like the ideal match up for any Simon fan to want for a semifinal of a masters 1000, but if you saw any of this Jerzy guy play this week, you know it will easily end up being the toughest match up Gilles will face all week. I hope i'm wrong, but I just got a bad feeling based on what I saw of Jerzy today and the roll he's been on all week. It may be destiny for him this week.
I've seen Jerzy play many times before this week, and it's true, he's never played this well. There's got to be some fear from our guy, but not much.

These 'ballbashers' really struggle against Gillou as he hits quite a flat ball, and soaks up pace and pressure very well.

I suppose, in a way, there's nothing Gillou would be able to do of Janowicz keeps serving at 230km/h and taking wild swings at second servers and crucially landing them. However I think the crowd will be a big factor here, and Janowicz can't keep this level up. It is bound to drop.

I'm confident for Simon, but completely acknowledge that there's a small chance he'll be blasted into oblivion.
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