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Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Hey Sapo, so much time without asking anything. I won't troll-shit here and I'll ask you some good tennis questions.
Good to know.
First, do you think yersterday's match was a tank? I mean, I read you in GM but i'm still not pretty sure of your opinion.
Yes. He got a match with Mathieu and with WTF coming up, Paris isn't important to top players. Djokovic tanked too.
2nd, Ferrer or Tsonga here? Not who you think would win, but who's your "Favorite" or "least non-favorite" of them.
Ferrer, he's my 4th favourite player (Andy, Roger, Montanes are ahead of him). I don't mind Tsonga though, he's good fun. A bit of a clown at times, but fun none the less.
Also, apart of Murray and Roger, do you like any other player in the top 10? I remember you like Granollers and I think Coria, IDK.
Ferrer, that's it. Soderling too if he was around. He was one of the better ballbashers. I don't mind Tsonga, as I said already. Granollers? No, I don't have an opinion on him. Coria? Didn't especially like or dislike him.
Originally Posted by nole_no1 View Post
Me and Sapeod don't get along too well maybe because he doesn't like Djokovic and i don't like Murray but this is a good thread. Funny and interesting at the same time. Keep it going
Maybe i'll ask something sometime but there's nothing in my mind right now

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