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Re: If Ferrer beats Tsonga should Lenders leave the forum?

Originally Posted by hat__boy View Post
Come on....

But speaking about putting your money where your mouth is, how about a harmless avatar bet or something. If Ferrer beats Tsonga, a Ferrer avatar for one month. If he wins the tournament, one year
Sorry man, I wasn't here and only read this now. But yeah, probably wouldn't have taken the bet and surely won't do it now But tell you what, if Ferrer takes the title I'll use a Ferrer avatar until Ferrer loses his next match, WTF non included (so until he loses next season). I'll also send you a congratulatory video or something, I like you even though you're a Ferrer fan I'd also start the match thread and make it extremely complimentary, but probably someone will beat me to it so no point.

What's in it for me if Llodra, Janowicz or Simon spoil the party though ?

Originally Posted by Nole Rules View Post
No. I prefer irralevant clown like the OP leaving instead.
Then who will start threads about me ? He should stay.

Originally Posted by August View Post
I checked their latest posts and Lenders posts mainly when it's evening or night in Europe, so despite the flag he must from the Americas, or otherwise he has a strange sleeping rhytmn. But vulture for life posts maily during European daytime, so he must be from Europe/Africa/West Asia. Saudi Arabia, like in his flag, is a possibility.

Anyway, they can't be the same person, he should be awake all day long.
I'm from Portugal and my sleeping rhythm is extremely weird. Anyway, if anyone thinks we're double accounts just ask some some mod to run an ip check instead of spouting useless drivel.

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