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Re: Rank the girlfriends of the top 10 from best to worst

Originally Posted by Sophocles View Post
Thank you ladies. I am a red-blooded heterosexual male and very far from being a feminist, but I do genuinely think it's a bad idea for blokes to use porn every time they masturbate. I know from my own experience it desensitizes them to real sex. Real sex is not a solo activity, involves interacting far more than it does spectating, & the quality of it depends on various kinds of touch and feeling & even smell (weird though it sounds - pheromones etc.) and sound more than on vision. And for any men who are longing to bang a porno girl, this is not a counsel of despair. I have been out with ordinary women and about 3 years ago I also spent about 18 months seeing a "glamour model". Now if I compare the glamour model - I'll call her "L" - with my current girlfriend - let's call her "S" - there's no real contest in terms of looks. S is a very pretty girl who attracts a lot of attention from men of all ages, but when it comes down to it, she is (an albeit youthful-looking) 38 with wrinkles round her eyes when she laughs, she is a tad overweight, & one of her breasts is about twice the size of the other. Would I without knowing her masturbate over pictures of her naked? Would I fuck. L, by contrast, was 26 and had a stunningly beautiful face & superbly curvy, well proportioned, toned body - big tits, long legs, the whole shebang; just the kind of girl whose photos any heterosexual bloke would masturbate over. And sex with her was pretty damn good. But sex with S is mind-blowingly amazing, & I would rather fuck S than L any day of the week. In fact I feel compelled to fuck S so often I've totally given up masturbating over girls like L. So I think it's a bit pointless to rank women you've never met in this way.
This could have been posted by my long-time BF.
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Oh and by the way -the gorgeous Mrs. Irina Davydenko!

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