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Re: Why do you like tennis?

I realised long ago that the sports I like watching tend to be ones in which the score is constantly changing, and on both sides, and that the more increases in score there are the better. So football, where you can charge up and down a field for 90 minutes and still come away with a goalless draw, and cricket, where all the scoring is on one side and then the other, just don't cut it for me. Tennis, on the other hand ... Plus I particularly love (except when it's going against the player I want to win, of course ) the way the momentum of a match can change on a sixpence, and just when you thought one player was coasting to victory the whole thing turns round.

Pleased to see so many people appreciating the more aesthetic side of tennis. As a big fan of dance (although now I come to think of it I've been watching tennis for about a decade longer, but never mind), I too can appreciate the more graceful, footwork-y part of it, and those beautiful shots that just happen to get past the opponent and just sneak inside the lines. Plus there's something slightly hypnotic about watching people slug a ball across a net - just as long as they don't do it too many times without a break - I'm not a fan of 30-ball rallies! I can sit and watch tennis for hours - clocked up 9 hours at the Olympics the other month. And then - irrespective of whether it's tennnis or dance - I like to see athletes who can use their brains rather than just their bodies. And there is something rather attractive about the whole gladiatorial aspect of it. Then there's the difference in styles between the players, which can be great fun to watch.

Oh, and I also really like doubles play (and anyone else who dares come into the net instead of slogging from the baseline). Given the choice between an average-ranked singles match and a similar doubles match, I'll almost always pick the doubles, because they tend to be more fun.
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