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Re: Anyone bet on BET365?

I bet a huge amount the other day, around $6k USA currency and I lost it on a tennis match. As soon as I placed the bet I had a cold feet and tried to get in contact with them. It was too late. Worst decision I ever made. To make matters worse the bet was a women's ITF match. The person I was betting on had a double break up, and was in the running to win the set. I bet on the first set. She then proceeded to blow both breaks and lose in a tiebreaker.

I'm a huge idiot for doing this. I had cold feet before I placed any bet, but I would have made $2000 if she had won and the odds were in my favour big time. Anyways, rule of them is this : don't ever bet on a women's ITF game because ANYTHING can happen. I'm also never going to bet anything over R100 again. I still can't believe I lost $6000 of my hard earned cash over a flipping ITF match. Life goes on and all that, but that was basically a 1 years savings, gone down the drain in a matter of minutes.
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