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Re: Rank the girlfriends of the top 10 from best to worst

Originally Posted by arm View Post
It's not true. Mirka is beautiful. But Nole's, Murray's, Tsonga's, Rafa's.. they all look VERY real. None of them look plastic. They are just younger than Mirka.

Tipsy's and Ferrer's may look a bit less real, though. I can agree there.
Okay fair enough. That wasn't the point I wanted to make. The point I wanted to make is that calling an attractive & not especially overweight woman "ugly" & "fat" is the behaviour of a teenaged virgin whose sexual experience extends no further than masturbation to porn, which fosters unrealistic expectations of how women look & behave & tends to deprave tastes in favour of the plastic & against the natural. The average MTF-er will be doing well if he ever goes out with a woman as attractive as Mirka and is in all likelihood never even going to snog any girl who looks like his favourite porn star, unless of course he earns enough money to employ high-class hookers.

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