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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by greeneyes7 View Post
Im going to jump in here because being much older than most of you, I am sure, I have raised children by myself and this was in the 60s when things were chaotic. Everyday was a fight just to survive and put food on the table and get my kids off to school--no help from their father and no help from the so-called government because it was run by men and they had no clue what it was to be responsible for anyone other than themselves. Today I see that changing and more men taking responsibility for their kids, although not a lot of "growing up" going on. Gender roles have been pretty much the same for a long, long time and changing those is going to be difficult. I leave it in the capable hands of strong women like those of you posting here to get the job done. Don't let me down!!
greeneyes, that is a long, tough, thankless, lonely road, especially in those days when there was still some stigma attached to being divorced/single with children. That you survived such a situation is down to your own strength and capabilities, so massive respect to you. I hope your kids never blamed you for any perceived parenting "deficits". If they're parents now themselves, they'll know just how much you did for them and how much you gave for their happiness.

And yes, men don't understand the costs involved, because they choose to remain remote from the task of child-rearing and thus have no understanding of the needs of mothers and children. I suppose this is changing, but very slowly.

Such a complex subject, my tired brain won't do it justice tonight. Maybe tomorrow ...
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