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Re: Main Draw

I don't see it as a tough draw though. Everyone else does. Might have to give Kenneth a bit more credit (after today) but that's about it.

I understand that it's your personal pregorative to not approach any of the professionals but also understand that a little bit of true encouragement (not the "oh you're so cute" kind...the kind that tells him/her what you think of how they play/compete) from a supporter/stranger can help a bit. I met Alex just by approaching him shortly after a match in 2002 (had been following his results and "silently" supporting him up til then) and telling him what I thought of how he plays. I didn't think that short conversation would lead me to where I am today .

Anyway, I understand your position. I just want you to know that there is a happy medium . Personally, I steer clear when the autograph hounds are around and those certain females that seem to be on a mission

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