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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

Originally Posted by savesthedizzle View Post

Most of us have these European genes that make Filip so good looking anyway (Says the the German/Lithuanian/Slovakian mixture)

I didn't mean it

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
1) You know what I mean! When I say your thread would be left in peace, I mean it as in I wouldn't be here chatting rubbish, leaving you all to carry on from where you were!

2) Yeah. I agree. He's really great like this. Hopefully he won't become a forgotten man, though.

3) Oh really? Well, I like Frederico a lot. Mainly because he's Kyle Edmund's doubles partner, though. I understand that you would prefer other nationalities, however. The reason I think he is promising is, despite being at a height disadvantage like Peliwo, he hits a much heavier ball, and he has an automatic advantage already, he's left-handed. The slow surfaces of today are much more suited to his game than Peliwo's. Also factor into the equation that the competition on the main tour is much grittier and full-blooded. This suits Silva a lot more, I feel.

Only time will tell.
I won't forget him.

Originally Posted by Hewitt =Legend View Post
That's okay.

I spent the entire day stalking your posts from 4 years ago and discovered 86 potential posts that contain highly comical responses. I will post one each day until Christmas.

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DON'T YoU DARE! I would have to vbreak up with you, you know? Go back to the beach, while I go study.
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