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Re: Which Wilson to improve net-playing and be more complete?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven79 View Post
Hello All,
I am writing here to get advice by anybody about my next racquet to pick.

Beckground: I am 33-year-old, 186cm x98kg and have been playing amateur since I was 12. At 14 I got my tennis lessons and now I play quite classical: flat forehand with some top, flat or slightly top-spinned, one-hand backhand (my best shot), strong serve, and a love for tricks and net-playing.

Last year I had to update my arsenal of guns, so I bought myself a Wilson Six-One BLX 95, 16x20 (sorry, still keep the original strings). Heavy stuff indeed, but best-choice so far to me when it comes to play from the backline.
Unfortunately, it is also a pain of a device when it comes to the side of the court I love best, i.e. the net. Quickly, I just feel like volley-playing with a big hammer: no feel, poor slice or stop-volleying, too many shots wide and long. End of fun.

Thus, having grown up in the myth of Boris Becker, I bought a BB Delta Core London Tour (18x20, Head strings, 24-23kg). This one is a delight for residency close to any net area - what a pity playing from the backline is odd and irregular...

Basically I currently play with my Wilson on clay, and with my BB on synth grass.

Now I am considering going agonistic for next year, and I would need a third, backup one.
What I would like is another one like my Wilson, but with just some more (I do not need that much) attitude to net-playing.

Do you know anything like that? Anything similar to 6.1 BLX 95 but less of a pain at net?

Thank you upfront.
That's quite a solid racket. I'd suggest getting new strings as they have probably lost too much tension and that is why you lack control at net. Maybe give the KBlade a try? Dunlop's are my favorite rackets rackets to volley with.
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