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Re: Main Draw

Originally Posted by Fee
You know, as someone who has nearly blind faith and loyalty to a particular player, I can almost understand this comment, but you need to sprinkle a bit of reality on it.
Well, sorry but I'm not going to even entertain the thought that he could lose just because he's having it tough. Nor am I only going to show my support for him when he's winning. I support him no matter what.

As you said, "that was last year." Well, his lost to Cakl was last week. He's going to have that turnaround soon. Whether it's this week, next week, takes a few months whatever.

I'm not going to sit here and be hypocritical and say I support him but say that he could lose just because others say that I need a reality check. I'm going to believe that he's going to win unless I'm told otherwise by a scoreline. You support someone your way and I will do it mine.

Originally Posted by Fee
Blake injured his arm when he played Alex last year in Newport (five days after his father died, how he even showed up for that tournament, I will never understand).
I don't deny that losing his father was a hard thing for James to have to deal with and still do his job. It's probably still something that he deals with. But you don't know anymore than I do that if things had been different with James that Alex still wouldn't have beaten him. I don't understand why everytime that Alex gets a good win there's excuses to go with it. Haas, Fish, Blake. It's not like he was ever handed the win. But I understand that I'm up against fans of Fish and Blake here so it's best just to .

No matter what other people may think I saw that match that Alex played against James and he earned that QF spot in Newport last year.

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