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Re: Rank the forehands of the top 10 from best to worst

Originally Posted by latso View Post
Nadal has by far the best FH in the game, not in Top 10, but overall and not only for this generation, but probably a top 3 ever.

I'm a Fed fan, but for me it's curious for ppl rating his or Pony's FHs better than Nadal's, that's just insane.

Anytime Rafa can turn around and hit the ball with the FH - you know this point is slowly (or not) becoming his biatch.

No one is That dominant with this shot. The guy has barely any serve, BH, slice, volleys, technique, etc. But he has this FH. And psycho-physical abilities as well ofc, but it's all about this powerful whip.
you obviously didn't watch Fed from 2004-2007. Had the same consistency as Nadal's at absolute peak but in term of variety it was lightening years ahead. It was scary how it looked and it never broke down, any match which Fed lost in that period was due to awful backhand.

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