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Re: Del Potro's News and Articles

There was an interview with JMDP in the Swiss newspaper "Basler Zeitung" and I thought I could translate it for you:

BaZ: Juan Martin Del Potro, where do you have your Olympic Bronze Medal right now?

Juan Martin Del Potro: At home in my living room - right beside the US Open trophy.

BaZ: When did you have a look at the medal for the last time?

Just before I left. I always look at the medal every day when I'm at home. Every time when I leave the house I'm walking by my trophies. This medal inspires me. I remember every moment of the Olympic Games - they are great memories.

After the 17:19 in the 3rd set against Roger Federer in the SF you were exhausted and seemed mentally destroyed. How did you manage to find the strength for the match for Bronze?

I was indeed very tired and really, really sad. Afterwards I talked with my friends and my parents and everyone asked me not to give up. At the day after the SF I did everything which my coach requested even though I was disappointed. The victory against Novak Djokovic was the reward for it.

Where do you rank your medal?

It's my personal highlight of the season and is on the same rank as the US Open title.

In 2012 you already lost 6 times against Federer. Why do you still play in the same tournaments as him?

Next year I'm going to rearrange my schedule and avoid him (laughing). Roger is coming to Buenos Aires in December for 2 exhibition matches, maybe I can beat him then. To be serious: It is a gift to play against Roger. In the beginning of the year I didn't had a chance against him but the matches are getting closer each time. Maybe it will be enough one time for a victory again.

For example here in Basel. Are you here to get a revenge?

No, but it would be great to reach the final and get to play against him. It is always a pleasure to play against Roger. But the way to the final is long.

Just like Lionel Messi you are retiring and modest. That doesn't seem to be typical Argentinian...

Why? Do you know other famous Argentinians?

Diego Armando Maradona for example was totally different.

It's true that I already met Messi and that he is a really nice person as the world's best soccer player. My parents brought me up to be modest. I give my best in tennis but when I leave the court I'm a person like everyone else. I try to live a very normal life.

Who is better: Messi or Maradona?

That's a very difficult and tricky question for me. I would like to have them both in my team. Who do you rank higher?

Maradona because he is a World Champion and Messi not.

Not yet!

You got injured shortly after your US Open title and missed a whole seasons. Would we speak today of the "Big 5" instead of the "Big 4" if you wouldn't have had this injury?

Maybe. Back then we were really nearly the "Big 5". At the moment other players deserve more attention than me - David Ferrer or Tomas Berdych for example.

Have you thought about retiring during your compulsory break?

Yes, I thought of all possible bad things you can imagine during that time. But God gave me a second chance. I work every day very hard to become the player again who I once was. The year without tennis was incredible hard for me.

What is the secret of the many good players from Tandil?

Probably the good meat (chuckles).
No, there is a very good junior coach in Tandil named Marcelo Gomez. Mariano Zabaleta, Juan Monaco, myself and others started with tennis under his wings. He is an excellent children coach and the main reason for our success.

You once said that it is more important to be a good person than a good tennisplayer.

Yes, because after your career you can't play any more tournaments and have to find a way to live without holding a racket. Then it will be important that you are on good terms with other people.

How do you spend your free time at home?

I'm going out, I play soccer and spend time with my friends. I'm 24 years old and acting like someone who is 24 years old.

Is that possible for you? Or do you have to give autographs the whole time when you leave your house?

That belongs to it. I love it to write autographs for children and have pictures taken with people. It is nice when someone approachs you and thanks you for having won a medal.

How is it in Basel? Do people recognize you?

I went for a walk and only got recognized by one person - a certain Roger Federer. Do you know him? I crossed a bridge near to my hotel when Roger came by car and stopped.

What did he say to you?

Hi, how are you? Enjoy Basel! And things like that...
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