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Originally Posted by monkey247 View Post
There seems to be quite a bit of that going on lately! Jimmy "So Vile" Savile, Lance Armstrong etc. I realised Marat had rather dinosaurish tendencies in his attitude to women, but who would've suspected him to be quite so hypocritical, conformist, authoritarian conservative in his outlook, especially, as you say, after all those many interviews, most notably 2007 Marie Claire: "the first thing which is important for me is for the girl to be someone as an individual ... for her to have her own identity, and not be afraid to express her opinion and stand by it". Welcome to the world of Pussy Riot, Marat.
As a russian I don't find Marat's attitude to women so much dinosaurish. He's no worse than most of the guys here. As for Pussy Riot, he seems to be just as brainwashed by official propaganda and by his "colleagues" as the majority of russians. I even think he would actually liked these girls if he knew them personally. The big problem is that people (not only in Russia I guess) tend to make offhanded and harsh judgments without checking the facts. Ironically, Marat himslef used to be an object of such judgements.
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