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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings [in Post #1]

Originally Posted by J99 View Post
Don't you also mean 250's? What is the bonus pool?

Oh yeah, right, forgot about those.
4 ATP500 tournaments or Monte-Carlo

Bonus pool = money given in the end of the calendar year to commitment players who respected their commitment (remember that it was said that Djokovic took part in Paris last year in order not to lose half a million dollars ? it was the bonus pool ; remember also that it's always said that Fed is allowed to escape 2 MS1000 tournaments in the calendar year (and everyone next year) ? once again, it's the bonus pool which is concerned, it changes nothing for rankings but it changes for the bonus pool : if Djokovic had done what Fed did, he would have lost money because he still has not played enough on Tour to be allowed to do that )

Originally Posted by masterclass
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Thanks : I'm an Arsenal fan and like Arsène Wenger

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